For many people, budgeting is about as exciting as watching grass grow. But with the advent and development of mobile-device applications, it’s much easier--and a lot more fun--to regulate your personal finances, execute banking activities from a mobile device, pay bills, and keep better track of where all your money is going each month.

Whether you’re seeking the best loan rate or a one-stop app to pay all your bills, there’s something for you in the wonderful world of finance-oriented apps.

Here are some of Rivertown Buick GMC's recommendations for the best apps to help keep you on budget and in better control of your finances:


This venerable app is essentially a mobile checkbook, which is a must for anyone who’s serious about tracking their finances. PocketMoney allows you to track a variety of accounts and create pie charts and expense reports that facilitate easy budgeting. PocketMoney isn’t free, but it easily pays for itself. ($4.99)


Well-organized at every click, PayPal’s free app allows you to pay for just about everything electronically, and, just as important, you can constantly check balances and view records of payments and deposits. It also allows you to send money as needed to your family and friends. (free)


If you’re tired of figuring out how much to tip your waiter on the back of a napkin, this super-simple app is for you. With creative graphics and easy-to-use number dials, Tipulator easily deciphers appropriate tip amounts or figures out how to split bills among friends. (free)

Loan Shark

Whether you’re searching for a great loan rate, want to figure out how long it will take to pay off a credit card, or determine how long till you pay off your mortgage, this app can help with those searches as well as a host of others. Other features include an Amortization Table and pleasing graphics. ($4.99)


This app is a godsend for business people who must file expense reports. Credit card data can be easily imported, and you can even take and import snapshot images of receipts. (free)

Expense IQ Money Manager

This Android app is all-encompassing, featuring a budget planner, expense tracker, integrated checkbook manager, interactive reports and graphs, notifications of upcoming and overdue bills, and a photo option for bills and receipts. ($9.95)

Grocery IQ

This mobile app lets you scan barcodes, make grocery lists, and find and send coupons. If you hate rummaging around the kitchen for a scrap of paper to make a list, this app allows you to organize a comprehensive list that’ll save you money. (free)


If you want an up-to-date review of where you stand in the stock market, this iPad app features stock quotes, company descriptions, market trends, analysis, and more. (free)