At Rivertown Buick GMC, we love helping you find the best cars for the best deals, but we also care about your safety. A recent report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says “rearview cameras, soon to be standard on all new vehicles, can be expected to prevent nearly 1 in 6 police-reported backing crashes.” In light of this, Buick and GMC models are already ahead of the pack, including the latest in-vehicle camera technology to help you maintain awareness of your surroundings and stay safe on the roads.* Take a look at some of the latest vehicle camera innovations from Buick and GMC:

Rear Vision Camera (pictured above)

As mentioned above, a rearview camera is not only vital, it’s soon to be a requirement in all vehicles. Luckily, the Rear Vision Camera from Buick and GMC is top of the line. Simply shift the vehicle into reverse, and the screen automatically displays the video from behind the vehicle, making parking or connecting to trailers a breeze.

Trailering Camera

If you plan on using your GMC truck to haul the big stuff, then consider the available Trailering Camera accessory. The camera easily attaches to the rear of connected trailers and wirelessly transmits video to the LCD screen in the dashboard, allowing you to see clearly behind the trailer to maintain total control while towing.

Not only do Buick and GMC models offer cutting-edge camera technology, but they also offer an array of high tech active and passive safety features. Just like the cameras mentioned above, you really have to see them all to appreciate how far car safety has come over the years. We have many new models, all with a wide range of available features, so visit our showroom or contact us to schedule a test drive and experience it for yourself. Stay safe out there!

Image Credit: Buick/GMC